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Tom Cox on Capturing Life in West London

  • Aisha Ayoade
  • Toby Thomas

Born and raised in London, Tom Cox is an urban landscape artist with a passion for capturing the everyday on the streets of his hometown. His uses a technique of loose gestural brush marks to capture “the buzz of society” from his perspective. His distinct style can be described as a take on impressionism with a purpose to contain the “raw spontaneity”.  Cox follows life as it unfolds around him, often catching just a glimpse, then filling the gaps with imagination. 

He captures the pulse of London and the energy of city life at the stroke of a brush. His work has been compared to the legendary Edward Hopper and L. S. Lowry for its transient, ever-flowing story of the now. Cox’s current pieces and upcoming sculptural work will be in permanent residence at the Brick.

To find out more about the artist and see his work, visit his website.